October is National Principals Month

What is a School Principal?

A school principal is the leader of a school, responsible for overseeing its daily operations, ensuring that the school runs smoothly, and providing educational leadership to the students and staff. The principal's role includes setting academic goals and standards for the school, ensuring that these standards are met, and promoting a safe and positive learning environment for all students. They also play a critical role in the development and implementation of the school's curriculum, policies, and procedures. The principal is also responsible for managing the school's budget, hiring and evaluating teachers and staff, and overseeing student disciplinary matters.
Thank you, principals, for all you do!
Roosevelt Elementary: Principal Ann Bohrnsen & Assistant Principal Tabitha Chambers
Granger Middle School: Principal Isidro Caballero & Assistant Principal Kevin Lusk
Granger High School: Principal Josh Simmons & Assistant Principal Maria Maldonado
national principals month is october