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Inclement Weather Procedures for Staff

Inclement Weather Message For Staff

As the weather changes heading into the winter months, school may need to be delayed or canceled due to inclement weather. Much effort goes into the process described below to make the best call possible. Our goal is to only alter the regular schedule when necessary for the safety, health, and comfort of our students and employees. Students who walk to school or must stand outside in subfreezing temperatures, and motorists who must contend with snow, ice, or freezing fog, play a considerable part in our decision. We must make a decision several hours before it is time to venture outside for school and work, and conditions can, and often do, change in the meantime.


The determination on a bad weather day is made as follows:


  • In the pre-dawn hours, District personnel drive bus routes that include city streets, highways, and rural roads. They collect data from the National Weather Service and neighboring district transportation directors. Their recommendations, based on years of experience, are the first step in making the decision.
  • At 4 a.m., the transportation director calls the superintendent to report the status of bus operations and road conditions. The information from the above sources will be used to make the final decision.
  • By 5:30 a.m., the decision is made to proceed as usual or to delay or cancel school.
  • If there is a cancellation or delay, it is posted on our website ( and reported to all local media outlets. A message is released to all staff and students via SchoolMessenger.
  • If school is cancelled, then all K-8 after-school activities, including athletic contests, are also cancelled. High school athletics may occur depending on the weather.
  • If nothing is announced, then school will begin on time.

When the start of school is delayed for students, employees are expected to be at work at their normal time (or as soon as safely possible) but no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of the school day unless extraordinary circumstances apply. The time delay is intended to allow students and employees to get to school safely under hazardous driving conditions.


Sometimes students show up “on time” even though the start of school has been delayed. In those instances, students are not to be turned away. Staff at each school will provide assistance and supervision as needed. Maintenance staff will do their best to clear sidewalks. However, walk carefully because there may still be ice in places.


In the event schools are closed due to inclement weather, the following employees shall not be required to work:


  • Teachers, paraeducators, cooks, 9-month custodians, building secretaries, bus drivers, and any other employees on less than a full-time (260-day) calendar.
  • Administrators, district office personnel, maintenance, I.T., bus mechanics, and other 260-day employees may use leave (personal, vacation, or emergency).

Weather is unpredictable, and we as a district do all we can to gather the most accurate information to make the safest choice possible.



Brian Hart