Resources » McKinney-Vento Act (Homeless Student Assistance)

McKinney-Vento Act (Homeless Student Assistance)

Eligible children have the right to:
• Receive a free, appropriate public education.
• Enroll in school immediately, even if lacking documents normally required for enrollment.
• Enroll in school and attend classes while the school gathers needed documents.
• Enroll in the local school; or continue attending their school of origin (the school they attended
       when permanently housed or the school in which they were last enrolled), if that is your
          *If the school district believes that the school you select is not in the best interest of your
           children, then the district must provide you with a written explanation of its position and
           inform you of your right to appeal its decision.
• Receive transportation to and from the school of origin, if you request this.
• Receive educational services comparable to those provided to other students, according to your
      children’s needs.
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