Granger High School

Achieving Excellence

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Principal's Welcome Message

  • At Granger High School, we are committed to academic excellence and preparing our students for a rapidly changing world. We currently support College in the High School programs in English, Social Studies and Science. This opportunity allows students to pursue college credit from the University of Washington and Eastern Washington University in a high school setting.

    Our teachers are committed to our school's mission and student well-being which is largely centered around developing meaningful relationships that focus on the social and emotional aspects of learning that can become barriers for our students as they mature into young-adults. We provide multiple layers of academic support which include after-school tutorial programs and teacher advisors who meet with students regularly to advocate for their success and guide them through their academic progress, graduation requirements and post-graduation plans. Our advisor teachers work hard to become the conduit of communication between families and the school.

    Granger High School is also committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment where mistakes are expected, respected, and inspected! This year we are implementing phase one of PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports), which is a schoolwide framework that aims to establish behaviors that are socially predictable, consistent, safe, and positive. A primary goal of this framework is to reduce problem behaviors within schools that lead to office discipline referrals and academic failure. We are also working towards becoming a Trauma Informed School that unites all staff members in making our school a supportive atmosphere for students that uses the latest science of toxic stress and its impact on learning as a lens for meeting the individual needs of each student.

    We thank the Granger community for all their support, especially in regards to the addition of our new gym! Our new state-of-the-art gym has become a support for our entire school district and has helped us to increase the amount of fundraising our students can accomplish for their graduating classes! We thank you and will continue to strive to meet all the needs of our growing community.


    Dr. James West